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All to Heaven's Goal

“All to Heaven”, a non-profit foundation registered with USA and California governments, is organized by non-paid volunteers of Seventh-day Adventists, but not limited to, to provide people and institutions with Christian love at the level of a local community, the country, and the globe.    

What We Do
Heal Diseases & Symptoms

Cleft lip/palate patients, medical and surgical patients were treated in the medical mission trip operated by this organization in developing countries with medical professionals of MDs, dentists, physical therapists and other allied health professionals volunteered from international countries. 

Comfort Souls in Holy Spirit

Our eventual goal is to introduce our Saviour to souls who struggle from so many sufferings because He can only comfort them by working together with the Holy Spirit.

Support Institutes 

Colleges, primary and secondary schools, professional training centers, hospitals are assisted by our fund that provide them with computers and printers, furnishes with equipments in cooking schools and clinics. 

God's Mission For All


We made this organization to help people in the need of health, education, profession and to guide  them to find their spiritual Saviour. Your gift will give them smile, confidence, joy and eternal life. Thank you.

What We've Accomplished







Support Our Projects
Join Mission Trip

Join Mission Trip to India, July 15-20, 2024. Medical professionals - MDs, dentists, physical therapists, nurses and any other health-allied professionals are welcome. Also, evangelical and VBS volunteers will join to spread God's love to the people in the remote country.

Donate Used PCs

We are upgrading old personal computers and donating them to students in developing countries that we can improve their educational environment. 

Donate Now

Your financial support, which is fully tax-deductible, will be used for purchase of medicine and clinical equipment, student scholarship, humanitarian aid such as food distribution, and construction of churches, schools, and hospitals.

"Thanks to All to Heaven, our children can finally get the medical help and education they needed. God Provides."


— John Doe, School Principal

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See the life-changing projects All To Heaven volunteers, staff, and donors have funded.

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